Q2. How do I know if I qualify as a Non-Resident Indian?

If you have gone out of India for any of the following purposes, you qualify to open a Non-Resident Account

  • Taking up employment
  • Business or vacation
  • Any other purpose, in such circumstances as would indicate your intention to stay outside India for an uncertain period
  • Indian citizens working abroad on assignments with foreign Governments/Non-Government organisation
  • Indians settled abroad permanently
  • Indians gone abroad on immigration
  • Crew-members of Indian nationality or Indian origin employed by foreign airlines / shipping companies, if they are based at foreign ports and reside abroad

Non-Resident Indians become Indian residents only when they come back to India for employment or for carrying-on any business in India or vocation or for any other purpose indicating an indefinite period of stay in India. They are not regarded as Resident Indians during their short visits to India on holiday, leave etc.