Budget 2020: Govt proposes income tax on non-taxpaying NRIs

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The budget has turned out to be taxing for the non-resident Indian. Firstly, to be categorised a non-resident, an Indian now has to stay abroad for 240 days a year, against 182 previously. In other words, an Indian national, to claim the non-resident status, can’t stay in India for 120 days or more in a year.

“We’ve made changes in Income Tax Act where if an Indian citizen stays out of the country for more than 182 days, he becomes non-resident,” said revenue secretary Ajay Bhushan Pandey.  “Now in order to become non-resident, he has to stay out of the country for 240 days.”

The second rule is more deadly: a non-resident Indian, who is not taxed in the foreign country, will become taxable in India. The government said it is introducing this provision to prevent tax abuse.

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