The festival season is an ideal time to invest in Real Estate

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It is said that investing in high-end purchases on auspicious occasions like Diwali, Dhanteras, etc. will not only bring luck, but the new purchase will serve for a long period of time.   So if you have been planning to buy or invest in real estate then now is the time for you to do.

If you’re still confused on why you should invest into real estate this festive season then here are 5 reasons why you should: 

  • Offers & Discounts: The builders or developers of the real estate property consider the festive season as the right time for investment. So they try to make the properties affordable for the buyers. Discounts, offers & better property deals are now like the essence of the festive season. Sometimes, they offer freebies, shopping vouchers and other attractive deals to attract buyers in investing in real estate property.
  • Lower home loan rates: On the back of improved liquidity and to attract home loan borrowers in cities, banks usually cut down their home loan rates. As Reserve Bank of India dropped the repo rate; it becomes easy for buyers to apply for home loans for the house of their dream. It also helps in boosting the property market during the festive season.
  • Increase in disposable income: Festivities are the times for bonuses & extra income for the employees. When people have plans to invest in real estate during the festive season, the extra bonuses & income come in handy. When the season comes, the buyers have a higher disposable income, which eventually turns out to be a higher amount to fund the down payment of the property investment.
  • New launches within your budget: Builders, brokers & developers are well aware of the fact that not all those who wish to buy or invest in real estate have high incomes. Hence, they come up with new launches that are well within the budget of middle-class buyers. An affordable property with a few extra discounts helps the home-seekers fulfil their dreams.
  • Good weather: Weather in winter or right now is pleasant and perfect for you to look at the property you want to invest in. Also, investments are never a bad option for anyone

Keep all the above-mentioned reasons in mind; it is very much advisable to invest in a real estate property this festive season. If you need a professional in the field of real estate consultancy, Global Indian Solutions is your destination.