Quick checklist for NRI returning back to India

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An NRI vacation is not always like a day at the beach.
As you plan a trip to India, there are many tasks that keep running in your head.

To help you plan and organize your tasks better we made this checklist. Keep it by your side as you plan your next trip.

Here is the checklist:
1. Book an appointment with your financial consultant. A good financial consultant can guide you with all that you need to keep your finances organized. Organize all your account details in one place. Make a list of all the points that you need to discuss with the consultant.
2. Plan your bank visit. Open a joint account with your parents/ wife/ children for easy transfer of money and to maintain family members back in India.
3. Book an appointment with the passport personnel if your passport needs renewal or updates.
4. Organize your documents and take a professional service to get them digitized.
5. Book an appointment with doctor/s to take care of your healthcare needs.
6. Book an appointment with a real estate advisor to get a grip on market trends; and also if you wish to buy/sell/lease/rent a property.
7. Book hobby classes for your kids to keep them busy so that you can handle your responsibilities.
8. Take Indian health/ medical insurance for your family or renew it if you already have it.
9. Plan renovation/maintenance of your parent’s home.
10. Plan your shopping agenda.
11. Give yourself some time for renewal of body, mind and soul. Book yourself in classes for personal development like meditation, yoga, or enjoy Ayurvedic treatment etc. Plan it depending on where you are going to stay during your vacation.

And if time permits, make plans for sightseeing. For many, this may not even be on the list of things to-do if the list is already packed with the things already mentioned above.

If vacation is defined as “planned time spent not working”. How many of you live up to this idealistic definition on their regular trips back home? Even those who ‘plan’ holidays to hill stations or landmarks have reported at times feeling so rushed they forgot their cameras or to take photos, or had to cancel their plans altogether because of logistical travel headaches, family sickness or other emergencies.

Of course, there are Indians visiting home who do have completely relaxing and enjoyable memories without a care in the world.

Do plan things in advance when you plan your travel next to India. We hope that this checklist will keep you organized and help you avoid stress associated with travelling to India.

If you long for your leisure time spent with your loved ones on your trip to back home, we can help you achieve this goal.
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