Choosing the right Partner for Managing your Assets in India

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Most Non Resident Indians (NRIs) keep a portion of their assets in their home country, acquired as an investment or as inheritance. This allows them to keep in touch with their home land, as well as, benefit from the appreciation of their asset in their mother country, which can be used to take care of family obligations or for use while they are visiting India.

However, its not easy managing assets in a distant country, specially with the constantly changing legal framework, financial policies and other macro environment factors that impact these assets.

Assets can be of many types, ranging from real estate to stocks and mutual funds and these create complexity of management, taxation implications, as well as estate planning of these assets.

Traditionally, NRIs have worked with a host of service providers such as Cas, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, etc to assist them in the management of their assets. However, NRIs face multiple challenges in managing their assets in India using these service providers such as:

  • Too many Vendors
  • Complicated processes & documentations
  • Lack of Trust

Its required therefore that as an NRI, you should look for an integrated service provider, who is professional, has expertise and can be trusted to ensure that your assets are fairly managed.

Global Indian Solutions is one such unique service provider, based out of India, who can provide you with assistance in managing your assets in India as a trustworthy & committed partner, providing quality services with integrity, professionalism, transparency and value for money in a timely manner.

Global Indian Solutions is India’s 1st Integrated Solution Provider, catering to the asset management needs of the Global Indian community, including HNIs, NRIs, & Returning Indians.

Global Indian Solutions was conceptualized and co-founded by a team of senior professionals with diverse experience in Private Banking, NRI Banking, and Estate Planning with Global Organizations.

The Global Indian Solutions value proposition is the outcome of the experiences and challenges that the co-founders underwent while living overseas and working with Global Indians.

Global Indian Solutions offers an array of personalized services and solutions for Global Indians, including:

  • Taxation Advisory
  • FEMA & RBI Compliances
  • Real Estate Management
  • Estate Planning

At Global Indian Solutions, the Team of Experts endeavours to provide the best service experience to each of its clients through its range of asset management services to suit their requirements, needs and aspirations.

It offers advisory, execution & documentation services in the areas of Taxation, RBI & FEMA Compliances, Real Estate and Estate Planning. The service is dependable, transparent and hassle free which ensures that its clients get the complete value for their money and get results in a timely manner.

So if you are wondering how to manage your assets in India without any hassles and worry, get in touch with a professional integrated solution provider such as Global Indian Solutions.