8 Tips to easily sell your property in India


Selling your property in India might look like an easy job but it can turn out to be as difficult a task as buying it, especially for an NRI, who is not physically present in India. If you are planning to sell your property in India and are not clear how to begin with the process, here are some handy tips to guide you on how to find a buyer for your property in India.

  • Pricing it Right: You may want to get the best deal for your house, but do not quote a price, which is too high for your property. First, compare the prices in the market, research about the price trends and before demanding. A good real estate advisory company could also help you to acquaint with the price of your property.
  • Check your papers: The second thing to do before you start the process is to find, check and collect all the legal and civic documents that were created at the time of the purchase. Make sure all the documents are ready and complete to avoid any last-minutes hassles.
  • Clear all the dues: Make sure all your dues, which are related to your property such as electricity and water bill, lease amount or property tax, etc., are clear. Not doing so can land you in a fix during the transaction process and may even spoil the deal.
  • Set a Timeline: Have a clear idea about the timeline within which you want to sell your house, and be ready to hand over the possession to the new buyer on a prefixed date. Following a timeline can make the whole process smoother.
  • Click your house pictures: If you are planning to sell your house, it is always better to click in-and-out images of your house and keep them ready for use of prospective buyers or your real estate advisor. Beautiful images of your home can give the perspective buyer an insight into the property. It can also be a helpful source for increasing the number of buyers interested.
  • Make a good first impression: They say, “First impression is the last impression”. The first impression of your home could be a crucial move towards finalizing your deal. Make sure you present your home in the best light to a buyer in the first meeting itself.
  • Take your home out of your house: While showing your house to buyers, you are offering them their future abode. This is why it is suggested you clear your personal belongings at display from the house. Give buyers time and space to have a close look at the house and feel every corner of it. 
  • Get a trusted Real Estate Advisor: If you are planning to sell your home through a real estate advisor, ensure they have a good track record and understand your requirements. A local advisor can assist you in selling your house in a better way.

NRIs can sell residential or commercial property in India to a resident of India, an NRI or PIO. If an NRI is selling agricultural or plantation land or farm, then they can only sell it to a person who is a resident of India.

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